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August’s links.

The tragedy of 100% code coverage

I know 100% code coverage is possible but it seems like a crazy high standard to set yourself to. My goal is 80%.

One Weird Trick to Lose Size

Since we launched Halide, the most unexpected compliment we’ve heard is about its size. At 11 megs, we’ll push less data in one year than a social network pushes in a single update.

“Run PNG-crush” and “Try JPEGs for Photos” are good things to do in web apps as well.

10 Traits of Managers Whose Teams Are Happy to Come to Work

I feel like I’m doing 7 of these really well but there’s some room for improvement.

Building a realtime dashboard powered by Laravel and Vue (2017 edition)

This is another one of a long series of projects I wish I had time for. I love the idea of mounting the Raspberry Pi on the back of the TV and using the TV to power the PI.

Moving from array to class

After reading this post I’ve made an effort to use classes instead of arrays and I do find it easier to work with even if it requires more work upfront. The performance is just an added benefit.

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