Link Post: Push it to the limits – Symfony2 for High Performance needs

I’ve always wondered if you could use Redis as a primary data store and just use MySQL for reporting. This statement makes me think I could:

So, as you can see, some unusual things are happening here – Redis is our primary data store and MySQL is our last cache layer.

Zimco is Looking for a New PHP Developer

If you’re interested in the topics covered here you would be a good fit for us. We have medical and dental and allow for remote workers.

A. The successful candidate must have at least two years of demonstrated web applications Programming Experience in CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and MySQL. Programming experience in Zend Framework and PhoneGap Framework are a plus. The successful candidate must also provide examples of at least two quality websites developed by the candidate with a list of technologies used in each.

B. Demonstrated experience with jQuery and a PHP framework are required, with Zend Framework experience a plus.

C. The successful candidate must be able to estimate/quote projects, oversee projects from start to finish with minimal supervision, and research new techniques/tools when needed.

D. A professional demeanor and customer service skills, attention to detail, excellent oral & written communication skills, the ability to work and exchange ideas with a team of programmers, and the ability to work reliably and effectively from home are also required.

Link Post: “A Dark Room” – What’s it like to have a #1 App? With Amir Rajan

An interesting interview with a developer who had a #1 app in the paid section of the App Store. I found his numbers really interesting (1-2% of downloads create a review for the app) and the fact that he’s been so open with his development process.

Link Post: Reddit’s crappy ultimatum to remote workers and offices

This just reeks of incompetence and lack of imagination. Instead of making it work with the guys and girls that helped get you there, instead of following in the footsteps of other progressive, distributed workforces, it’s the new Optimal-Teamwork-in-SF way or the highway. Instead of sharing the champagne, it’s “Hey, here’s a cold glass of water in your face.” We may look and sound like the fun guys of the internet, but we’ve got money now. Even if the main goal was to purge the existing Reddit workforce, the way they’ve gone about it is stomach curdling.

I’m a big fan of remote workers (all our programmers at Zimco are remote) and I think there is a huge benefit to having remote workers. For example, last week I went into the office and was interrupted by people at least once every half hour. I feel bad that Reddit feels that it needs to have all of it’s workers under one roof and hopefully this won’t backfire on them.

Link Post: From PHP 5 to 7

An interesting history of PHP and why they’re skipping version 6.

Here is a brief summary of the reasons outlined supporting the decision to release the next version as PHP 7:

  • PHP6 already existed, and there are plenty of numbers available (so it’s easy to make a new version number).
  • It could confuse people since PHP6 was a widely known project, and this release is unrelated.
  • There’s lots of PHP6 information on the web which does not apply to this release.,146/