Since I started using Vagrant I noticed that I've been having problems with not having enough free disk space. This is mostly my fault because my primary hard disk is running low and I haven't taken the time to clean everything out and reinstall the operating system. When I tracked down my usage, I found that several gigs (I know it's almost nothing but not when you have less then 500 MB free) was being used by VMs created by Vagrant. After some Google searches I found that Vagrant stores the VM files in the default location used by VirtualBox. Below are the instructions for changing this directory.

  1. Open the preferences

  2. In the "General" tab click the drop down for the "Default Machine Folder" and click "Other..."

  3. Browse to the directory you want the VMs to be in and select it.

  4. You're done. When Vagrant creates a new VM it will automatically be put in this directory.