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December’s links.

Why Isn’t Agile Working?

Lots of good information but I really like this quote:

Agile is worthless unless it serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement.

Self-Education: Teach Yourself Anything with the Sandbox Method

I feel like a lot of this just makes sense but it could be helpful for a lot of people.

Developer Tip to Save Your Eyes

I’ve upped my font size after reading this article. It is easier to read.

Questions a Knowledge-Seeking Developer Should Ask at a Software House Job Interview

Good questions for your next interview and things every manager should strive for.

Why Senior Devs Write Dumb Code and How to Spot a Junior From A Mile Away

What was so mystifying about “Senior Dev” code was not that I didn’t understand it, but that I could understand it immediately, it was fundamentally dumb, and it seemed like there had to be more to it. “Where’s the rest?” I remember thinking. “How does this do all of that?”

This is something for us all to strive for.

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