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September’s links.

Using non-breakable spaces in test method names

I like how outside the box this idea is but I think it would be a pain to implement. Spaces are easy, Alt+Space is much harder to get in the habit of using. I also think I can read camelCase fairly quickly now that I use it every day.

Moving persistent data out of Redis

Except for session data I only see Redis as a cache. I love seeing how large organizations migrate data like this.

Message bus to every PHP application

I think the ideas behind this post make sense but I don’t think “every” PHP application needs to use message bus. That’s overkill

Implementing the Onion Architecture in PHP

I ran into this post while researching something else but thought it was a good read.

Five Tips to Improve Your Unit Testing

I think “Always Write Tests for Bugs” is an excellent piece of advice everyone should be following. It’s saved my bacon a couple times.

You Are Not Google

We like to think that we’re hyper-rational, but when we have to choose a technology, we end up in a kind of frenzy — bouncing from one person’s Hacker News comment to another’s blog post until, in a stupor, we float helplessly toward the brightest light and lay prone in front of it, oblivious to what we were looking for in the first place.

This is not how rational people make decisions, but it is how software engineers decide to use MapReduce.

I’m guilty of doing this.

Loving Legacy Code

Many developers want to “rewrite the whole application” and “get rid of all that sh*t”. Most of them are pretty blank when I tell them that I really like working on such code bases, even if I just jumped into the code. I recently talked about that to the other Qafoo members and all of them agreed to my views. Therefore I want to explain our love of legacy code in this post.

How to deal with technical debt and save your sanity

When was the last time you found yourself working in a file containing 7,000+ lines of code?

Today. I’m working on it I swear.

Biggest take away from this article:

Each project should have a set of standards, so that everyone knows how they should do things. These standards should always matter while there’s people working on the project.

Comments are code smells

TL;DR – Instead of writing inline comments, see if you can abstract code into a method instead.

I’ve been trying this the last couple days and it’s nice. I would recommend reading the whole article.

Why using Yoda conditions you should probably not be

An argument on why Yoda conditionals are bad. Not sure I’m 100% onboard because I find it easy to read.


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Podcast: {FLOSS Weekly 443} - Jenkins

We’re using Jenkins at work and this is a good really high level overview of it.

Podcast: {FLOSS Weekly 441} - Redis

We’re using Redis at work and this is a good overview of it. I’m always glad to hear that other large companies are going with the technology we use. :-)

Podcast: {name} -

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