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Happy 2017! Here are some links for your enjoyment.

Please Don’t Learn To Code From Stock Photos

Humorous take on programming stock photos.

Betteridge’s law of headlines

Betteridge’s law of headlines is one name for an adage that states: “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.”

Seems about right.

Podcast: Hanselminutes - Alcohol and the Tech Industry with Victor Yocco

Does the tech industry have an alcohol problem? Perhaps, or perhaps not. Does the alcohol have a place on the job? At parties? How far does one go? Scott talks to Victor Yocco about a way to think about drinking in the workplace.

An interesting read for anyone who plans after work/at work events.

Beware of Developers Who Do Negative Work

At some point in every software developer’s career, we work with someone who does negative work. The notion of negative work may sound a little strange. Someone can do no work by just… not working. How does negative work happen?

Short answer is they eat up other people’s work time.

Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean is a new project that rethinks the user experience of Jenkins. Designed from the ground up for Jenkins Pipeline and compatible with Freestyle jobs, Blue Ocean reduces clutter and increases clarity for every member of your team

This looks good. I’m going to make some time this year to experiment with it.

On Getting Old(er) in Tech

After years of scoffing at talk of prejudice in the information technology field – as a white male with good hair –, I’m starting to call prejudice against my being old(er). It’s true: age discrimination is a real thing.

Holiday Reading List

I’m adding some of these to my Goodreads list but I would be shocked if anyone could read even two over the holidays if they have to visit family.

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