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March’s links.

More Than a Policy – What Dealing with Workplace Harassment Looks Like

This is how a company should handle sexual harassment.

Online migrations at scale

How Stripe adds new tables without causing downtime. I’m always amazed at how many ways there are to perform these online migrations of data. This one is the best “new table” option I’ve seen.

“How” ages faster than “Why”

I always knew in the back of my mind that technology — and the knowledge that goes along with it — becomes outdated, but this was the first time I experienced it for myself. I wondered: what parts of my Angular knowledge are now obsolete? What parts are long-lasting? And most importantly, how can I make sure that I always get better as an engineer in the face of all those fleeting frameworks and libraries?

Why it’s important to understand why things happen instead of just how to do them.

Comic: The Dark Side of Coding: The cross

I think this explains everything. It wasn’t my fat fingers after all.

Podcast: 3 Devs and a Maybe - Managing Concurrency in Postgres with Bruce Momjian

An amazing conversation about concurrency in general and Postgres specifically.

Podcast: Hanselminutes - Building Pantsuit: The Hillary Clinton UI Pattern Library with Mina Markham

An interesting discussion about creating a CSS file for a group of projects to use so they all have the same look/feel. During the conversation they discussed Knyle Style Sheets which “attempts to provide a methodology for writing maintainable, documented CSS within a team. Specifically, KSS is a documentation specification and styleguide format.” I’m interested in it for the styleguide generation.

Podcast: Hanselminutes - Discovering WebVR with Ada Rose Edwards

A discussion about VR technology for the web. I’m ordering an inexpensive Google Cardboard to try it out a little more.

Podcast: Shop Talk Show - 248: AMP

The Shop Talk Show guys talk about Google’s Amp project. I’ve debated adding this to the site during the redo but I’m curious about how well it works in practice.

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