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The other day I tweated a link to One Hour of Side Project Coding a Day*— a New Year’s Resolution Worth Making by Andy O’Sullivan for two reasons. The first was that I found the article to be interesting (which is why I felt it was worth sharing) and the other was that I was already planning on doing something similar. My plan this year is to spend thirty minute (instead of an hour) every night working on side projects. It won’t necessarily be coding because I want to work on this blog and my wife and I have plans to expand her business that I can only do at night.

Sticking with Andy’s “there are no rules” rule I also have a set of guildlines:

The Guildlines

  1. This will not interfere with my family. They’re super important to me and if I have to pick between reading a book to my four year old and writing the four year old is going to win hands down.
  2. This will not interfere with my job. This blog doesn’t pay the bills so it’s important I keep the lights on.
  3. Anything counts as long as it’s making forward motion into something that creates a blog post or works on my social media stuff (or a deliverable for my wife’s business0.
  4. Time will be shifted. I may spend an hour one day and zero the next because of commitments that come up.

What about holidays

We’ll have to see on this. Our plans this year involve a new addition to our family so I’m guessing we won’t be traveling anywhere but because I’m drafting this on NYE I don’t think it will be a problem.

How Will I Stay Accountable?

Twitter. I’ll be working to document my progress here but I think it will mostly be on my personal twitter using #30MinuteSideProject.

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