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March’s links.

25 Hints You’re Working on a High Performing Team

Let’s say you have a couple days to interact with a team. How might you know that you’re working with a high performing team? How might you — John — know that this is a good fit for you personally?

The Theseus Paradox of Software

Build for the visible future — not the one you hope your business will scale to ten years from now.

Center stage: Best practices for staging environments

We’re talking about staging because no one talks about it. It’s mentioned in passing as the annoying sidekick to production. It’s the expected and completely necessary part of the deployment cycle barely touched by schools or internships. It’s considered such an obvious part of architecture that no one mentions it, no one details it, many people do it wrong—and some don’t do it at all.

Staging changes for customers (either internal or external) is powerful because they can see changes and provide feedback before all their customers (or users) see them.

I also like the use of “known-unknowns”.

You Won’t Feel Motivated Every Single Day. Focus On This Instead

Motivation is your ability to head towards the same goal over a long period of time.

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