Remotely Accessing Our Vagrant Development Environment (Linux/Ubuntu)

Because the underlying technology Vagrant uses to create our development environment is the VM we can use the Secure Shell (or SSH) to administer our Unix based VMs. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use the built-in SSH tools of Vagrant.

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Configuring Our Vagrant Development Environment's Network

Vagrant allows us several networking options for our development environments. In this article we’ll discuss making changes to our Vagrantfile to configure the networking.

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How to Reset/Delete A Vagrant Development Environment

Now that we’ve learned how to manage the power state of our development environment we can discuss how we delete and reset our development environments using Vagrant commands.

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Link Post and Podcast Roundup: February 2021 Edition

February’s links.

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Managing A Vagrant Environment's Power State

Now that we’ve created our Vagrantfile we can discuss how we manage the power state of our development environment using Vagrant commands.

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Initializing a Vagrant Development Environment

In this article, we’ll discuss Vagrant Boxes, pick a specific box that matches our target production environment, and create our base Vagrantfile.

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Why Use Vagrant for Development?

Hello Developers and welcome to our series on using Vagrant for development. This is our first article in the series where we’ll discuss what Vagrant is and why we should use it.

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What's a Virtual Machine?

Virtual machines are one of the core technologies that have improved our lives as developers for the better. Before virtual machines were common it wasn’t unheard of to purchase a new server for thousands of dollars and then host the server in a data center for hundreds of dollars a month. This process could take weeks or even months to set up a new server and god help us if we had to get quotes. Now we can cheaply and effortlessly rent a virtual machine to get ourselves started for USD 5 a month.

In this article we’ll discuss what a virtual machine is and some advantages and disadvantages to using them.

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Link Post and Podcast Roundup: January 2021 Edition

January’s links.

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What is Refactoring and How Do We Do It?

As we maintain a code base for a long time it tends to get harder to read and in turn harder to maintain. This is generally because we rush to add new features and fix bugs and don’t take time to clean up our code and make it easier to maintain in the future. Eventually, we run into a situation where any change to the code is a headache and progress grinds to a halt.

In this article, we’ll discuss why we need to use refactoring to make our code easier to maintain and a couple of methods to get us started refactoring today.

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