As I normally try to do this time of year it’s time take a little retrospective on what’s been done over the last year and what I want to accomplish in the coming year.

Last Year

Last year my goals were:

  1. Produce 52 new “content” blog posts
  2. Produce a couple screen casts (maybe a podcast?)
  3. Double my readership
  4. Improve my social media footprint
  5. New Server
  6. Move to Jekyll

I can say for sure I finished 5 and 6 (as your reading this on the new server and the Jekyll setup) and 2 and 4 weren’t touched at all this year. 1 and 3 were moved . I would say that’s a good but not great. This year I’m going to focus a little more so my goals this year are:

This Year

  1. Produce 26 new “content” blog posts
  2. Double my readership
  3. Create my social media footprint
  4. New site look

I’ve switched from 52 to 26 “content” posts because 26 posts (one every other week) seems a lot more obtainable that my current pace of one a week. By only putting out new content every other week I’m hoping to allow myself to have more time to generate better content.

The new site look is due to the fact that I’m using the default layout for Jekyll and now that I’m sure I’m locked into Jekyll I’m more willing to spend the time learning how to make a theme. My guess is it will be a basic theme as I’m not a designer but hopefully it will be an improvement for everyone. :-)

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