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September’s links.

16 Laravel Pro Tips and Tricks

I’m still new to Laravel but I’m filing this away to review later.

Preloading in PHP 7.4 by @brendt_gd

So this is where preloading comes into play: it will not only compile source files to opcodes, but also link related classes, traits and interfaces together. It will then keep this “compiled” blob of runnable code — that is: code usable by the PHP interpreter — in memory.

Sounds like this is going to be awesome even if it’s hard to setup.

A Look At PHP’s isset() by @liamhammett

However, isset() is a variadic function that can accept any number of parameters at once to achieve the same effect, confirming if all of the passed variables are set.

How to use and make multiple database connections in Laravel

Not sure when I would use this but it’s interesting how many hoops you have to jump through to get it working.

The Tightrope Walker: a Metaphor by @mscottford

I like this metaphor and it’s a great way to look at things. I’ve also been part of teams were people didn’t know there was a better way and had to be shown a better way.

Podcast: The Laracasts Snippet - Conquering Eye Strain by @jeffrey_way/@laracasts

I’ve suffered from eye strain in the past (and occasionally now) and there are some good suggestions here. I’m a fan of not running all my screens at full brightness.

Podcast: Full Stack Radio - 120: Taylor Otwell - Serverless Laravel with Vapor

Laravel Vapor seems like it’s going to be really awesome for small projects and I wish I could take advantage of it. :-)