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December’s links.


There are just too many variables. You have some very rough idea of the work to do, and how much time it ought to take, yes. To start with: those ideas are wrong.

So true.

A Micro-Manager’s Guide to Chilling Out

Employees want to be managed by people who empower them, not manage every bit of their day. The better you get at hitting the right balance between oversight and autonomy, the more likely you are to win long-term fans who will advocate for you as your career progresses.

I’ve done a good job the last several years reducing my micro-manger tendencies and it’s a trap I never want to fall back into. Your directs don’t like it when you micro-mange them and they will leave.

Create a Database Queue to Send SMS in PHP with Laravel Queues and Twilio SMS by @firechael

An in depth overview of how to use Laravel Queues. I’m working my way through doing something similar to this at work right now so it’s weird this found me.

Is not writing tests unprofessional?

I’m going to say “Yes!” but you should still read this article.


We’re working on an overhaul of our CSS at work and this concept has been valuable.

Podcast: Hanselminutes - First Time Coders with Michelle Sun

As the parent of two children I find it really interesting to hear how other people think children should be interacting with technology. I also liked how she discussed the importance of using technology for creation instead of consumption.

Podcast: Legacy Code Rocks - Lehman’s Laws with Scott Ford

The Lehman’s Law part of this podcast was interesting and you should read the Wikipedia entry for these. It’s blows my mind that these hold true and were created 45 years ago.