Link Post and Podcast Roundup: August 2020 Edition

August’s links.

Comic: XKCD 2324

Someday we’ll all do this.

Grandfathering in legacy by @maartenscholz

How to handle legacy code without refactoring half the application. A light introduction to the grandfather pattern.

This concept falls in the “perfect is the enemy of good” camp. Developers tend to get caught up in perfect but sometimes good is the best we can do in the moment.

What’s New in PHP 8 (Features, Improvements, and the JIT Compiler) by @carlodaniele

PHP 8 is going to be another big release with some welcome improvements. We’ll be adding it to our test flow as soon as possible.

Time to upgrade your monitor by @nikitonsky

.. I optimize my setup to showing really, really good letters.

For programmers this is a MUST.

Getting Started With Test-Driven Development by @scottkeckwarren

This article by our own @scottkeckwarren goes over how to use #TDD in #PHP with @phpunit and some basics for how to get your #developmentTeam invested. It is behind a paywall.

Microsoft Announces that it will drop official support of PHP on Windows

The main take away for this is that while Microsoft isn’t going to support PHP in the near future there will still be community support.

Why we need named arguments in PHP by @brendt_gd

This is a huge readability improvement and I’ll be happy to see this in #PHP8. 🤞

PHP 8: match or switch? by @brendt_gd

PHP 8 is introducing a match conditional statement that is similar to a switch but it’s more terse. It seems like an improvement to the switch statement but I’ve never seen switch statement that couldn’t have been replaced by polymorphism or helper functions.