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February’s links.

Tips for PHP Security

These are good overview but I think “Educate and Train All Employees” should be #1. It’s really the most important. :-)

How to Get Rid of Technical Debt or What We Would Have Done Differently 2 Years ago

This is a long article but it’s worth the read even if it feels like there are some details missing.

Optimize database queries in the perimeter of your Laravel apps by @reinink

“As much as possible, optimize your database queries in the perimeter of your applications.”

Laravel Tip: How to improve your automated test suite as your project grows by @SlyFireFox

Some good tips in here

Podcast: Full Stack Radio - 131: Ryan Singer - How Basecamp Builds Software

@adamwathan and @rjs discuss how they plan new features at Basecamp. There is an ebook of the process they discuss in this podcast that looks really good (

Podcast: The Hanselminutes podcast - Myself: It’s not weird at all

@shanselman gets interviewed by the @thelivecoders team to discuss how he manages his blog, podcast, and his communities online.