Link Post and Podcast Roundup: November 2020 Edition

November’s links.

How We Stopped Merging Pull Requests by @VotrubaT

This is a really great idea for people who have CI run after they review the PR.

Using Laravel’s new Upsert feature in the Query Builder/Eloquent

This is an interesting solution to syncing data in a database in Laravel 8.

Rob Pike’s Rules of Programming

Read these and remember them when you’re working.

Billing access to your Laravel apps with Gumroad by @m1guelpf

This is a really user friendly way to sell a product with Laravel. I’m guessing there are 100’s of ways but this one is nice.

Podcast: Hanselminutes Podcast - Virtual Desktop is what VR needs - with Guy Godin

In the future I’m hoping we can all have virtual displays projected onto super light glasses and it’s nice to see the future is closer than I expected. I’m going to keep an eye on this project especially sense MacOS support is in the pipeline.