Link Post and Podcast Roundup: December 2021 Edition

December’s links.

Top 7 Tips to Prevent Burnout as a Remote Software Developer

“Burnout is becoming an increasingly prevalent problem, especially in a field as fast-paced as software development.” I think it was always a problem but we’re now acknologing it. Get help if you need it.

You Can’t Keep Building on a Broken System: Why managing technical debt is so important by @thawkin3

“Every software company has some amount of technical debt, which is additional development work created in the long-term by taking a shortcut in the short-term to get code out the door. Technical debt can take the form of poor design decisions, much-needed refactorings, technology upgrades, and outstanding bugs.”

Your First 30 Days as a Software Developer at a Tech Company

This is an interesting list but I feel like it needs to be broken down by level. I would never expect a junior developer to be approving PRs in the first 15 days.

Quick Testing Tips: Testing Anything; Better Than Testing Nothing? by @matthiasnoback

Instead of writing just any test, focus on writing good tests. Work on tests together, treat them as specifications