Link Post and Podcast Roundup: January 2021 Edition

January’s links.

Eloquent State Machines

A nice looking package from @asantibanez to make it easy to mange state machines in Laravel.

How SnapShooter got $15,000 AWS Credits

When I sent out my tweet on Saturday, I thought I would only receive a few DMs. I didn’t expect my Twitter to explode with people asking to reveal how I received the AWS credits.

Podcast: Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman - Games across decades with Diablo programmer and Graybeard Games’ David Brevik

In this podcast Scott talks to one of the developers of Diablo. It’s from a couple years ago but it was in our backlog. :-)

Podcast: Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman - Start Freelancing Today with The Taproom’s Kelly Vaughn

This is a good discussion for anyone who is interested in Freelancing.