Link Post and Podcast Roundup: October 2021 Edition

October’s links.

What You Need to Know About IOPS

An overview of how IOPS are calculated on AWS EBS drives. So complicated…

My Software Estimation Technique by @jacobian

The great part about this process is how it measures both estimated time and uncertainty so you can give an estimated time range.

PHP 8: before and after by @brendt_gd

This is a good overview of how the feature in PHP 8.0 can be used to improve our code.

What Is Garbage Collection in PHP And How Do You Make The Most Of It?

Garbage Collection is complicated concept but hopefully this will help you understand it. :-)

Get started with GitHub Issue Forms

Every time I learn something new about GitHub I’m amazed by how much configuration can be done through yml files. :-)

OWASP shakes up web app threat categories with release of draft Top 10

The OWASP 10 Top is on our list of items we’re going to do a series on and it’s interesting to see how it might change.

Cleaner models with Laravel Eloquent Builders by RienvanVelzen

This is a way to make our queries easier to reuse.