One of the great things about Sublime Text is that it’s intelligent enough to look at the file you’ve opened and provide context sensitive.

If you’ve worked with Sublime Text for any length of time I’m sure you’ve been working in a file started typing if and saw a box pop up with a bunch of options:

Typing if

If you hit tab it will automatically fill in the remaining text:

Autofill if

I love this feature because if you have it autocomplete some of the string function (which we all know have a weird consistency issue with haystack/needle order) it will show you which one goes it what order:

str_replace(search, replace, subject)

The odd thing I’ve found is that you don’t always get the popup letting you know it’s available. For example, when I work on a template file (that’s a phtml file) and I type if outside of a php block I don’t get the popup:

If in phtml file

But if I hit tab it fills in the if block like I expect it to:

If in phtml file after expansion