Superfans Update: October 2021

Checkout out Superfans Update on our YouTube Channel using the link above or using the embedded video below.

Superfans Update: September 2021

Checkout out Superfans Update on our YouTube Channel using the link above or using the embedded video below.

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Link Post and Podcast Roundup: September 2021 Edition

September’s links.

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Test-Driven Development with PHPUnit

In our previous 2 articles (“What is Test Driven Development?” and “Introduction to PHPUnit”), we discussed what Test-Driven Development is and why you should use it and we gave a very basic intro to PHPUnit. In this article, we’ll work through how to use PHPUnit to develop some new features using TDD.

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Introduction to PHPUnit

As developers, we spend a lot of time testing code that we’ve written. Generally, this is a manual process where we write a little code and then type in some inputs to verify we get what we expect. The downside to this process is that it’s very time-consuming to manually enter a bunch of input to see if one of them now fails after we’ve made a change.

What if we could use an automated testing tool to do the hard work for us? That’s where PHPUnit comes into the picture.

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What is Test-Driven Development?

As developers, a large portion of our time is spent testing code that we’ve just written. In a traditional testing cycle, we’ll write some code and then manually test. We’ll enter some inputs and find that it causes an error so we’ll write a little bit more code to fix that error and test again only to find another set of inputs that fails. We’ll slowly work through this process until we feel confident that everything is operating correctly. But how do we know that the first set of bad data we found is still error-free? How do we know it’s still error-free a year from now?

We could continue to manually test all these permutations but almost all of the time they’re going to continue to run perfectly. Because it’s very time consuming to run through all these permutations we’re not going to keep this up. Using tools like PHPUnit we can create automated tests that will make testing our code infinitely more repeatable. Embracing Test-Driven Development (TDD) will allow us to quickly build a suite of automated tests that will allow us to improve the maintainability and reliability of our code.

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Link Post and Podcast Roundup: August 2021 Edition

August’s links.

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Link Post and Podcast Roundup: July 2021 Edition

July’s links.

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Better Know an Acronym: What Does It Mean To Keep Our Code DRY?

One of the hard parts about learning how to develop software is the minefield of acronyms that exist within the industry.

The goal of this series of articles is to shine a light on an acronym so that the next time another developer uses it in conversation you can follow along without missing a beat.

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Link Post and Podcast Roundup: June 2021 Edition

June’s links.

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